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Publications and Presentations


My psychoanalytic writing focuses on gender and sexuality, philosophy, spirituality, and culture. A selection of publications and presentations is below.

Upcoming events

  • The Feminine Yes : Desire and the Taboos that Leave us Longing.  Presentation with Tiffany Houck-Loomis. Psychology and the Other. Cambridge, MA. October 5, 2019.

selected presentations and papers

  • The Maternal No: Personal and Clinical Reflections on Necessary Maternal Limitation. Paper presentation at The Annual Academic MOM Conference. Bronx, NY. April 6, 2019.

  • Sidesinger, T. (2018). Book Review Essay: Psychoanalysis Beyond the End of Metaphysics: Thinking Toward the Post-Relational. By Robin S. Brown. New York: Routledge 2017, 132 pp. Psychoanal. Rev. 105(4): 439-450.

  • Sidesinger, T. (2017, October). The Nasty Woman: Destruction and the Path to Mutual Recognition. Paper presentation given at Psychology and the Other Conference in Cambridge, MA.

  • Sidesinger, T. (2016, April). The Reflective Consciousness of the Great Mother. Colloquium presentation given at the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association Spring Colloquium in Rhinebeck, NY.

  • Sidesinger, T. (2011, March). Understanding Attachments to Human and Divine Others in a Clinical Setting. Ohio Psychological Association presentation given at the Ohio Psychological Association Union of Psychology and Spirituality Retreat in Newark, OH.

  • Reimer, K., Dueck, A., Neufeld, G., Steenwyk, S., & Sidesinger, T. (2010). Varieties of religious cognition: a computational approach to self-understanding in three monotheistic contexts. Zygon, 45, 75-90.

  • Strong, R., Brown, S., & Taylor, T.* (2004, Nov.). Development of the Just Peacemaking Inventory. Presented at the Association of Moral Education Annual Conference, Dana Point, CA. *Note: Taylor is a previous name.