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“There are many connections that shape each person’s life. However, life doesn’t have to be dictated by previous experiences or fate. We all have the capacity to make choices with the stories we’re born into, and live these stories forward in new ways. The understanding that occurs in therapy creates the freedom to live meaningfully,” says Tracy Sidesinger, PsyD.

Dr. Sidesinger is a New York City-based clinical psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist, and the founder of NYC Depth Psychology. She transforms people’s lives with a refreshingly progressive psychotherapeutic platform. Her unique psychodynamic approach considers matters of the unconscious mind as they manifest in lived life, and how individuals can shift these perceived ingrained dynamics. Within her work, Dr. Sidesinger examines dreams, the creative process, and non-denominational spirituality. 

“I help structure my patients lives to make them more manageable. Additionally, I explore with my patients how unexpected events, symptoms, and surprising emotions or behaviors present opportunities for change,” she explains. 

Dr. Sidesinger brings over 15 years experience, and a PsyD. degree from Fuller Graduate School in Pasadena, CA. Core to her perspective is the integration of Jungian and Relational psychologies. To that end, Dr. Sidesinger has participated in post-graduate training at the Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, and The William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology. 

Dr. Sidesinger’s practice is geared toward long-term psychotherapy with adults and couples. A broad survey of her clinical focuses includes treating depression, anxiety, workplace crises, relationship problems, personality and mood disorders, issues of gender and sexuality, and negotiating challenging life transitions. In treatment, however, Dr. Sidesinger concentrates on psychoanalytic ways of thinking and working which view each person holistically, not according to a boxed-in range of disorder diagnoses. Through this macro lens, her work fosters profound change and enlightenment. 

The therapy journey begins crucially with the first meeting between clinician and patient.  “A lot of feelings can come up in that initial session,” acknowledges Dr. Sidesinger. “It’s important to create a safe space for someone to share what’s been on their minds, and explore their narrative and whatever associations come to the surface when diving deep into their story.”

Dr. Sidesinger’s treatment approach is both intensive and life-changing. Surveying her work, she says: “I think people come to therapy with the underlying knowledge that something needs to change, but they don’t know how things can be different. My goal is to transform distress into greater understanding and self-expression to help people live their authentic lives.”


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